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Faxcom Anywhere

Send and Receive Faxes over the Internet

FAXCOM Anywhere is Biscom's hosted fax service providing businesses of all sizes with inbound and outbound fax delivery. FAXCOM Anywhere customers use familiar interfaces like email, Web pages, and desktop clients to create and send faxes from their desktops. Faxes are routed securely to the FAXCOM Anywhere hosted service, sent to their destination – and a completion status message is delivered to the sender. For inbound fax delivery, organizations are given unique fax numbers to assign to their users. Faxes received to the FAXCOM Anywhere service are delivered right to the desktop of the intended user. FAXCOM Anywhere also provides this same feature set for business applications via an SDK. The SDK enables enterprises to embed fax sending, receiving, and tracking within their business applications.

What Customers Are Saying About FAXCOM Anywhere

"We may not have been able to justify bringing a fully redundant fax server solution in house, but with Biscom’s hosted fax service we have the redundancy we need to keep our business going strong!"
- Chris Gregory, Operations Manager, United Directories

Business/Office Fax Service Enterprise Fax Service Customer Stories
  • Small to Medium Business faxing
  • Send & receive faxes by e-mail
  • No fax software to install
  • Centrally manage user accounts

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